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Looking to create optimal health or get to the root of
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At Dr. Dan’s we provide quality Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education and Medical Acupuncture. Using totally natural healthcare solutions, we offer our patients an opportunity to achieve significant improvements in their health, the health of their families and the health of future generations.

Sources for Grass Fed Meat in New EnglandWe guide our patients in returning to simplicity and common sense in their healthcare choices and help them to eliminate unnecessary drugs and surgery from their health treatment plans. At Dr. Dan’s we utilize a combination of both Nutrition Response Testing and The Morphogenic Field Technique to evaluate each patient. With Nutrition Response Testing, we address the root of the issue, not just the symptoms. The technique is a form of applied kinesiology, or “muscle testing”. In the Morphogenic Field Technique, we rely heavily on information from the energy field of the cell to guide us in developing nutritional protocols for the individual patient. Read more about it here.

Additionally, good nutrition is the cornerstone of any health plan; therefore at Dr. Dan's we offer a variety of whole foods nutrition programs to help you learn the fundamentals of healthy nutrition.


Word of Mouth

Next Natural Healing with Nutrition Talk with Dr. Dan and Dr. Alia Elias
Monday May 11th, 6:30-7:30pm

Join us at Dr. Dan's for a FREE TALK on Natural Healing with Nutrition. We'll discuss nutritional support for conditions such as digestion, thyroid health, and hormonal balancing. There are common stressors that cause symptoms of poor health, and the proper nutrients bring the body back into balance.

Call us at 978.462.0023 or e-mail us at info@drdansnaturalhealing.com to register.

Eat Local Newburyport

Have you been to Dr. Dan’s Kitchen lately?

Did you know Dr. Dan’s first profession was as an award-winning chef before medical school? Check out these videos of Dr. Dan working in his kitchen preparing meals and suggesting time-saving tips (with some help from Sara and Emily!). Click here!

From eggs over-easy to smoothies, they make it look so easy that you are bound to get inspired to wow your family and overnight holiday guests. You’ll be whipping up a Frittata before you know it!

Click Here For Tutorial Videos and Seasonal Recipes from Dr. Dan!

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FREE TALKS at Dr. Dan's - Learn about how Acupuncture and Nutrition can help treat Autoimmune Diseases, Pain Disorders, & more!
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Whole Foods Nutrition Programs

Next Whole Foods Nutrition Program
Starts Wednesday, May 6th, 2014 from 6:30-7:30 pm - $100 for 4 sessions

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